Valentines Day 2014!


Valentines Day was more like a work day for me as a Host for the School Fair and a Fundraising Concert.

Ms. Ria, the awesome lady in the biggest photo above was my morning date. We had a little picnic and chikka moments while intriguing the lovers around the field. Hmmm.. Fishyy.. Bitter Ocampo ang peg ni Ms. Ria dahil waleylaloo siyang boydate sa Valentines Day pero buti nalang I’m there to rescue her! Charotera!!! :))))

Anywayyy, the fundraising concert was for our teacher who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and we we’re able to raise 13,000 php in 3 hours. The power of being TOGETHER for a CAUSE can do GREAT things! If you wanna help please check this support page for her:

After the tiring yet fulfilling day……


Aba! May paandar pala para sa akin!

Raymar gave me this 12-rose bouquet! Edi syempre, nakumpleto lalo Valentines Day ko. Haba ng hair eh 😉

Sabi ni daddy, 12 raw dahil next year na yung kasunod, may point si paderlaloo! At ang mommy ko naman, na-inggit, peg niya rin makareceive, Don’t worry Mommy, 12 na everlasting ibibigay ni Daddy para 12 years na, fresh parin! hahahha :))))

After taking lots and lots of photos with this Vday gift eventually it faded and I kept its parts into a box for memory keeping. (Sentimental mode: ON)


There it is!

Happy Valentines!


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