Proud Dean’s Lister :)

At last!. After killing myself to sleepless nights and foodless days, the prize has been received! “Prizes” in a way since I was in the list for 2 semesters plus ranking 10 among everyone! Way to go!! (I was cheering for myself. Haha)

For 2 semesters, I was working my butt off to get the best grades plus the hard work needed for my feasibility study so it was such a prize that made my life glow more 🙂

My parents instilled the value of education to me and my sister though they didn’t put pressure on us making good grades, I think we were very much motivated due to prizes we receive from them plus these awards from school.

These prizes make all sacrifices worth it. It gets you to work even more for even better gifts of life!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vikky says:

    so true! that’s why I love being a consistent honor student!(just sayin’) haha!
    though they don’t put pressure on us… I still feel very pressured! ^___^

    1. lorinie says:

      You feel so pressured right now? :))

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