Artsy Saturdate at Pinto Art Museum

Quick blog entry on my satudate with Raymar :>

This morning we went to Pinto Art Museum, a unique art gallery that is an hour away from the busy streets of Metro Manila. Entrance Fee is only 150 bucks :>


We were welcomed by this gigantic painting – Me for scale.


I guess he liked the painting too!

I really wanted to go somewhere and take photos, as most of you may know, I am into photography and today I was able to enjoy this hobby of mine plus I haven’t touch my camera for months now! Talk about being a working girl. MEH 😐


This room was filled with paintings and not just paintings but MASSIVE paintings!

IMG_8451I must not touch this artwork! 😀 I told him that I’ll edit the signage into “DO NOT FEED THE MONKEY” Haha! EVIL!


IMG_8420The owner may be an avid fan of Jose Rizal too since there’s one area which was dedicated to our national hero. Also, there was this old desk that you can write your letters to someone that you have something to tell but decided to kept for yourself – for years… SENTI MODE ON!


IMG_8461For some reason we smiled next to this artwork when it looked too sad. 😐




IMG_8508He tried his best in copying the expressions and he nailed it Haha! The painter may either be a sellfie addict. Hmm. Whatcha think?

IMG_8494Of course, here’s the obligatory “WE ARE KIDS THAT YOUR PARENTS WARNED YOU ABOUT” photo. ❤


Aside from having paintings all around, Pinto also houses to statues, sculptures, a blue winged chair…


… and a multi-functional chair? Haha! I was not able the read the description for this one. PEACE.

IMG_8505He’s Raymar petting his PET… Weird pet…


The paintings were endless! I liked how creative the contributors in this gallery are. TWO THUMBS UP!


I was captivated by these black and white paintings, I’d like to hang it somewhere in my dream home 🙂


If you are artistic enough any thing can turn into a masterpiece. I wish I was this creative too!

And though we know that we’re not allowed to touch the artworks, here’s to Raymar who not just touched but played with this tiny theater. LAGOT KA! Haha!




IMG_8571Aside from the amazing line up of paintings and artworks, the landscape was well thought of too. Big trees kept the area cool, the landscaping also added the true nature feeling plus how the buildings were built, I feel like its an old European town.


Inside this 1 hectare gallery is a cafe too! Here’s their Mango shake.


We also ordered a 10 inch Mexican Pizza.  Yumm!

IMG_8611Next to where we are seated was a beautiful parrot. Tweet Tweet! Haha! I chose to seat in this area where a relaxing music was being played and it was from Enya, it was too relaxing I was at peace in seconds.

IMG_8619After munching on those yummy treats, we decided to change our seat to this big white cushioned couch where Raymar took a 15 minute nap. It was relaxing. We seated there for almost an hour and a half. The breeze were so cool, the sky was calm and the birds were singing , it was a moment to stay down and be quiet. Before we head out we were able to see this beautiful sunset colors and this really warmed our hearts. Awwwww. ❤

For those who are needing of some creative getaway and relaxing mood make sure to drop by at Pinto Art Museum. It’s definitely a GO!


Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Make sure to share if you like this post.


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