Pig out saturday with le familia!

Hello blogging world! I’d like to share with y’all what went today with my family saturdate 🙂

So today we went to Banapple at Katips. I’ve been craving for Banoffie Pie for weeks and finally, the sweet pleasure is mine. BWAHAHAHA! Anyway, my sister had her wisdom teeth taken out last week and today she went back to the dentist to have the stitch taken out as well making her feel more comfortable and… needless to say, it is time to PIG OUT! This is also a pre-celebration for Mother’s Day tomorrow – So let me greet all the moms reading this esp my mommy who will also share this post, ehem, Happy Mother’s Day! May you all have your best day ever! Bukas lang kayo exempted na hindi maghugas, maglaba or magluto — Chos! Joke lang! Pag di kayo nagluto walang kakainin! Haha! 😀

Daddy, Mommy and Arielle has not been to any Banapple store that’s why we went there to try it out :>


I ordered the famous hickory smoked barbecue country ribs which is meat-loving!


Daddy had the salpicao rafael.


Mommy ordered breaded fillet of cream dory with honey thyme mustard sauce plus her two-nut caramel cheesecake.


Little Arielle had her favorite – lasagna roll-ups. She orders lasagna anywhere if they have it on the menu. KIDS these days… Haha! She’ll be starting her school on Monday.. Poor little fella. She’s entering college now. 🙂


And of course, Banoffie Pie, my craving! I love the crust, the caramel and the bananas! The curly chocolate topping and the white-icing thingy are just too sweet for me.


And here we are enjoying the day!

For the price, I think it averages of 200 – 250 pesos on both the meal and cakes but I guarantee it is worth the dime. The servings are generous enough for 2 peeps to share. You can even ask the cool ate’s to serve the food in half so that you and your bff can share the food in separate plates.

I love the ambiance, not noisy and cold enough to ease the summer heat, store is cutey artsy too!

So, try it out with your family and friends and let me know what you guys think!

Thanks for keeping up with my blog and this post. Please do not hesitate to like, comment and/or share!

Happy Weekend!



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