2013: Midterm Elections

MAY 13, 2013. Election Day.

This perhaps is one of those signs that I’m finally on the legal age. Whew! Tanda ko na.

When I turned 18 just last year, I know it entails a lot of things and one of them is voting. I’m very nationalistic. I love my land for it took care of me and so in return I am voting for those who will take care of its mankind. I know this right to vote is a big responsibility and so I will never take it lightly. (Serious mode: On)

Thanks to social media sites, local channel’s websites and newspapers for its information was very helpful in futher knowing who to vote. This generation is so lucky for the so-called “internet” for it have changed the landscape of information gathering. It was easy for me to analyze and understand each candidate’s platforms and insights.

I need to vote for 12 senators whom I think shared the same dreams with me. Luckily, there were a few. I voted mainly for Hontiveros, Hagedorn, Gordon and Casiño.
I like how Hagedorn shifted Palawan’s image into being Green and Eco-friendly city.
Hontiveros has this “let’s go for a change” attitude that can be very contagious.
Gordon’s work at Subic says it all.
Casiño works for the common people.

I really liked these 4 candidates however as of tonight’s update, none of them is in Top 12. Gordon is either in 12 or 13.

It really saddens me that majority of Filipinos opted for Cynthia Villar (currently in Top 6) instead of Hagedorn – its like choosing a subdivision instead of a Tree.

Going to local elections, Ynares did won as Mayor of Antipolo City so as his mother Nini Ynares as Governor – Kill this dynasty please. Don’t tell me to give them a chance for the people of Antipolo did and it was a chance for years and now I feel sad for again, a chance was given.

Now, I challenge them to change those Y signs into Angat, Abante, Antipolo (their slogan). These statements are more encouraging.

Call me crazy but these are my opinion.
I want to share it cause maybe, just maybe, I will help enlighten someone else’s mind.


I know you’re sick of these photos but hey, it is the only photo I have to mark this new experience of mine. Hehe!



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