2014: Happy Family goes to Hongkong!

Hello! Here’s my entry about our Hongkong Adventure last April 11 until April 16, 2014. This is a very long post but I hope you’ll enjoy!!


This trip was planned from months ago. We didn’t bought a tour package so we had to search for our own itinerary. Β Let’s just say that we took this first family trip out of the Philippines in a more adventurous way!

Our flight was with Tigerair from Clark to Hongkong and vice-versa. Flight from Manila to Hongkong costs twice the price so it was more budget efficient to take the longer route than pay more. And also getting to Clark was no fuss since Trinoma has a designated lounge for passengers who will ride a bus going to Clark. Fare was 200 pesos each.


catsWhile waiting for the bus to arrive, its time for selfies!! Nakiki-uso lang. Haha!

The bus left Trinoma at 1:00 pm and arrived at Clark Airport about 2:30 pm. Our flight was at 6:00 pm so we were just in time for checking-in and other procedures.

anigifWe won notepads, pen, eco bag and sports sun block from this Tigerair promotional area. You will pick from the magic bowl a piece of paper with certain prizes in it. And voila, you got a prize! Though we had fun, it was very unfortunate that our flight was delayed for 2 hours and the waiting area didn’t have enough and proper ventilation. Needless to say, it was hot, humid and very uncomfortable. ANYWAY, it didn’t ruin the Happy Family’s mood because we were all excited!! We left clark at 8:30 pm and arrived at Hongkong International Airport about 11:20 pm.

IMG_4751Just them walking out from the tube. Me and my camera were in paparazzi mode. πŸ˜›


OMG! We were really here look at those signage with Chinese looking characters. Haha!

IMG_4763Promise, stolen shot po talaga yan tapos pagtalikod nila nakangiti na! Haha! Ready talaga eh.

IMG_4764Syempre ako rin may emote na pang stolen.

IMG_4770Oh this is really is it!!!

IMG_4773We had to take this bus to get into the passenger’s terminal. HK Airport is HUGE that you need to ride a bus or train to get into places.

IMG_4781Just mom and dad getting our luggage. Hmmm.. I don’t remember checking-in some bags.. Haha! For photo purposes only lang ang pag-eemote nila dyan. Kaloka!!

IMG_4784Goofing around while everyone was busy.

IMG_4785Nakapag-pose pa talaga siya eh. Kahit bawal magpicture, wala ng pakialam eh. Haha!

IMG_4793Just daddy getting some USD changed into HKD.


Jennifer Lawrence had the biggest billboard inside the airport. She’s beautiful!!

IMG_4797This was our first family trip outside Philippines and so I was really-very-soooo excited!! Thanks to my super adventurous parents!

IMG_4805FIRST TIP: Get yourselves an Octopus card. Octopus Card is your way to everything, you use it to pay for the train, bus, outlet stores, 7-eleven, grocery and more! So for us who do not have a tour package, it was a must since we will use the public transpo every day.Β 

IMG_4801We had to wait until 5 am for the first trip of A21, the bus that will take us to Tsim Sha Tsui where our hotel is.

IMG_4808Waiting was no big deal since the airport had a fast internet connection, chilling AC and cushioned seats for taking a nap.


We had to charge our gadgets because we still have a long day to go.

20140412_015017We are the snickers team! We had to sit on the floor to guard our gadgets and even ended taking a nap lying on the floor, Poor us. Haha!

20140412_054635This was our view while waiting for our bus. It was 5:30 in the morning and the breeze was cold. Brrrr..

20140412_055659Nakasakay din, SUCCESS!! Excuse nalang po sa mga mata naming namumugto sa antok. Haha!

20140412_055730Di rin sila nagpahuli sa picture eh.


The photo above was the bridge that connects the airport (island) and the city proper (island). So it was a long bridge that connects both islands. Check the view from slideshow below.Β anigif a21


We stayed at Mody Rd. where all shops are. We were just across the K11 Mall. IMG_4826

Few steps away was a shop that sells all sorts of camera. Too bad I didn’t walked-in cause I might make turo-turo something that I want to pabili. Haha!


Just one block away was even moreeeee shops!! These shops were endless.


Our hotel was close to Nathan Road too, which I think was the busiest road since most buses and cars pass here. IMG_4830Just some girls we saw along Nathan Road giving flyers to tourist and locals.


I admire how all streets and landmarks were properly indicated. Hindi ka talaga maliligaw sa Hongkong, just follow the signs. Lahat ng road signs kumpleto, lahat ng street name meron, dapat dito rin sa Pilipinas ganito eh.


Taray talaga mag-posing nitong si sisteret eh. Angle kung angle!!


Papahuli ba ako? Of course not!! Kaso natalo ako sa pagka-pink ng sumbrero ni lola sa gilid eh. IMG_4837

Swatch overload! Compared to swatch boutique in PH, they have more variety and costs more.Β IMG_4839Its amazing because almost every street have a tailoring shop specializing to corporate attires for both men and women.

Hongkong Park, The Peak Tram , Madame Tussauds, Sky Terrace 428


Our first destination was The Peak πŸ˜€

To get into Peak Tram Terminus we rode the subway.



From Tsim Sha Tsui Station…


My mommy likes the “priority” seat. TOINKS!!


… we got off at the Central Station. The nearest MTR station going to the Β Peak Tram Terminus. IMG_4850The first train experience was good. We enjoyed how fast it went and how disciplined locals were while riding the train. Almost all of them were just holding their gadgets and mind you, most phones were Samsung brand. They do not patronize Apple gadgets here.


Oh hello to my sister enjoying the station. We were lucky since it was not crowded at all.IMG_4854All MTR stations have multiple exits that takes you to different locations. All signage were tourist friendly so don’t be afraid of taking the public transportation. Anyway, the sign says that we must exit at J2 to get into Peak Tram Terminus so we walked through and…

IMG_4853… look we found it! Cheers to my mommy who had a ready-stolen-shot peg. Haha!

After getting out of J2 Exit we found ourselves in the Chater Garden, where most Filipinos gather during Sundays.


We walked towards the Bank of China….

(I read a blog on how to get there so we followed what was written there.)


We had to cross a street….


Oh Hello Bank of China!


This beautiful landscape was part if BOC still. We can’t resist taking photos.


From there we just walked and followed the signs.

Before heading to the terminus we rerouted and went to Hongkong Park first. IMG_4876

Since we were exploring and we didn’t have time to chase we enjoyed the park.. Todong pasyalan talaga ito!


Look! There were so many places to go to! You just have to walk like WALK!


Hello mommy!!


These buildings were too high it can’t fit through my lens. Haha! It was an amazing view.IMG_4888 IMG_4889 IMG_4891

Just  little tents with superb paintings. It was really good but costs too much. 😐


This park was situated in the middle of these skyscraper buildings! It was a two-thumbs-up view!

IMG_4894 IMG_4896 IMG_4898 IMG_4899

Just us drinking from the water fountain which was censored. Once you step into the fountain, it will automatically sprinkle some water! Cool! I wish Philippine Gov’t will fund drinking fountains too since our weather is hotter than HK thus we need to re-hydrate every moment.


The best thing we did here in HK was to EAT, EAT and EAT! Walang diet talaga! Haha! Those ice cream were literally iced, as in matigas ng bonggabells. Ayan tuloy si mudra napa-ngiwi na.


While they go crazy eating their ice cream, here I am joking around the signage. I wonder when will I register mine. Hmmm. Not too soon people!!! Hahaha!



Oh its just me, the bench, ice cream, my aunt’s bag and my nganga smile. *Wink*


These guys had the best paparazzi shot ever! Thanks to me and my canon dslr. πŸ˜›


Aside from the buildings surrounding the park, these cultivated trees were so beautiful! Each tree has their scientific names hanged on them which amazed me even more.


Just a quick snapshot of mommy at this squash centre. Picture picture lang para may ebidensya! Haha!


I took a photo of this building since the windows were cutie but much to my surprise, it was where we are heading too! Haha!

WOAH! Look at that line! Of course, we didn’t want to line up there! So we bought a special package which includes the ticket for the tram (back and forth), Madame Tussauds, Sky Terrace 428 plus the special lane. *Evil Laugh*


Here’s the price list of the package we took. I know it’s costly but it’s totally worth it!


A sneak peak of how accurate wax figures inside Madame Tussauds are.
IMG_4936Our tickets!

anigif tram

After a few moments, here comes the train!!


Look at that view! Btw, the train was too steep, it’s almost 90 degrees from the ground.

Selfie-selfie pag may time!


When we got off the train, PICTURE AGAD!! πŸ˜€


A closer look of the train and its railings.


Almost like a roller-coaster ride but in a slower pace.

anigif peak market

You will pass by the Peak Market where you can buy accessories, shirts and many more pasalubong!

Our ticket to Madame Tussauds.


We didn’t waste anymore time and went inside the wax museum!

IMG_5002Just before we hop in, we saw our dear friend Edward Cullen. Yehes, dear friend!! Haha!


Oy Daddy! Sino yan ah? Mas matangkad sayo yan!

IMG_5027Maka-akbay parang escort talaga sa awards night eh!

IMG_5028 IMG_5033 IMG_5035Sabi ko wag na siyang magpa-picture samin eh, kaso mapilit talaga tong si Nicole Kidman! Jusko! Hahaha!!

IMG_5043Masyadong naman seryoso tong dalawang to, walang ka-smile-smile eh.

IMG_5052Habang may teleseryeng nagaganap saamin ni Kuya, ayan si mommy, nakikigulo sa aming eksena! Haha!

IMG_5065Pwede na ba kong maging wax figure representing the Philippines? Mabuhay!!

IMG_5073Wala e, nga-nga ako sa tila disco-ball outfit ni ate! Kasilaw!

IMG_5083Aba! At humabol pa talaga ng kiss si dudong bago umalis! OMG!

IMG_5088Magpapatalo ba si mommy? Game na game ring nagpapicture sa kanya si Kuya! All smiles pa diba? πŸ˜€

IMG_5093Kuya parang hindi pantay ang blush-on at kilay mo pero wag ka magalit, ipapaayos natin yan, Okay? Stress ka kaagad eh!

IMG_5119 IMG_5124 IMG_5130 IMG_5132They are now ready to give their place as first family to the Catabay Family, OMG! We are so like Kings and Queens na! Harharr!

IMG_5144Itong mag-kumare di matigil sa catch-up chikkahan nila, picture na nga muna!

IMG_5162Kung ganito naman ang itsura ng gwardiya sa gate, Jusko! Pati aso matatakot tumahol! Hahaha!!

IMG_5165Suntukan nalang oh!

IMG_5175Just chilling with my Lolo here. Oops! No Smoking dito Lolo, nagbaon ka pa naman ng tobacco mo. PS. Ang laki ng dalang tobacco ni lolo, katakot!

IMG_5176Ano bang agenda natin ngayon kumpareng Einstein, nakapamewang ka nanaman! Maligo kana nga! Hahaha!!

IMG_5182Ang baho mo na raw oh! Hayy!!

IMG_5192Pang politiko na ba ang pagkaway ko? Pwede na diba? Haha! Ganda ng ngiti ni Kuya dito eh!

IMG_5204I was so surprised with Shakespeare’s new story! OMG!

IMG_5211Find my mom. WOOT! πŸ˜›

IMG_5241Kuya, itago mo ako sa mga paparazzi! OMG!

IMG_5247Okay fine!!! Magpapa-interview na nga ko. Ano bang mga pasabog mo dyan Teh? Ready na kong sumagot ah!

IMG_5254ARTISTA NA YAN!! Bigyan ng jacket!! Hahaha!!

IMG_5266Itong si kumare ang hilig paliparin yung palda niya! Kaloka!

IMG_5277Hmm. Type ko tong suot ni Mareng Audrey ngayon ah!

IMG_5278Este, yung pagkain talaga yung gusto ko! Haha!



Just my dad playing with Yao Ming! Naks!

IMG_5299Oh no! Don’t tickle him!

IMG_5301 IMG_5303

Cheers to my dad for being a sport and doing these poses. (PS. Daddy, Sorry but no, I’m not deleting your photos :-P)
IMG_5312BFF ni mudrakells!


IMG_5313Forgive me but I have no idea who he was but he was so tall! Look at me, parang sasayaw ako ng “Chacharap” dance ni Ryzza Mae. Haha!


Towards the middle of this gigantic museum, there was a shop which you can have your hands be turned into a wax figure. My daddy had to try it! πŸ˜‰

Costs 70 HKD. 50 HKD for the hand (Any hand gesture is okay), 10 HKD for the color and another 10 for the stand.


It took about 15 to 20 mins to finish.


There it is!

TIP: You must hand carry. Next is.. Okay my dad’s wax hand turned into a mashed hand just the day after we got back. Meaning, it melted. 😦 Yes, I know it’s sad… But we had a big laugh about it since my mom shouted “Hon, yung kamay mo natunaw!!!” with a very worried and confused tone. It’s as if my dad’s real hands just melted.


Just jamming with these awesome guys!


Can’t help but sing out hearts out with our buddy Freddie!


Mare! Bet ko yang blonde hair mo ah! Party girl ka talaga! Haha!


My momsie with Teresa Teng πŸ˜‰


Spidey dito lang sa cheeks ah, magagalit ang parents ko! Charrotttt!!

IMG_5414Our very own Astro Girl!


Feeling super gwapo naman tong si Astro Boy, ang porma talaga eh!


We are so loving Hello Kitty’s uber pink room!

IMG_5431 IMG_5429

Oh I miss being a kid! I used to watch Doraemon and sometimes I wish I had all the things in his pocket.


IMG_5442OMG! These piggies were soooo adorable!


That’s the end of our Madame Tussauds Tour! We had so much fun inside, it almost drained us! I super love this wax museum and it was a great way to officially start our HK trip! Naks πŸ˜‰


This is what the tram terminal looks like up in The Peak.


Inside The Peak there was a clothing brand that was named as such (photo above). They had cool designs and I love how the symbols were incorporated with the clothes too!


A snapshot of Burger King, where we ate after the draining Madame Tussauds tour.

My hungry face. Yes! Ganda ko pala pag-gutom!


After munching on those burger, we had time to roam The Peak and look what we found – super white doggies! They were furry and I want to “GRRRRR” them!!


This was the whole The Peak Building.


It seems like I’m holding the old lady’s head. Toinks!!


We were lucky since there was a play happening while we wait about 4:00 pm to get into the Sky Terrace 428. Unfortunately, the play was in Cantonese so I was not able to get the story. 😦

anigif cute kids

We met these adorable kids while we were sitting on the steps watching the play.


Also right in there was an Information Booth which my mom and dad took an opportunity to ask for best spots in HK. The lady’s name was Miki, she got us an awesome places to visit which most are for free! Thanks to this lady our HK trip was super suliiitt!!!


And we’re up here at the Sky Terrace 428!Β IMG_5538 IMG_5539

Love! Love! Love!

Just trying to capture how beautiful the moon was.

What a view!! It was so much better in the evening.


A little sneak peak on what it looks like at night.

We were so lucky that the weather was just right for walking and leisure. And since we were enjoying the cool breeze while walking we stopped by a church before heading to the MTR station.


Since it was late already, the station were almost empty of passengers.
20140412_203008You can tell by our faces that we were tired and need some sleep… ZZzzzzz.. But still we can’t lose that smile on our faces πŸ˜‰


Near our guest house was a food stall and so before we hit the bed we must feed our stomach.

These were hanged on the wall beside each table. Too bad I’m not an expert with using chopsticks. I hate it!! 😐

I can’t remember how much this meal costs but I think it was about 30 to 40 HKD. It was a bit pricey but was delicious.


Right after eating, we went to the grocery to buy shampoo, food and these noodles. Yummeh!

Our second day was a Sunday!

We originally planned to go to Disney Land however many of our friends and Miki (The girl from the info booth) told us that it will be too crowded so we decided to visit temples and gardens which Miki also suggested. I will try my best and guide you through with the directions to help you if you come to HK. Naks! πŸ˜›

Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

Our guesthouse was near at Tsim Sha Tsui Station which of course explains our photo below. When using the MTR, this was our starting point.


Please excuse my morning- bloated face. I was in a very good relationship with the bed. Haha!


Our first destination was the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple which is at the Wong Tai Sin Station of the Kwun Tong Line. To get to Wong Tai Sin Station, we switched train lines from Tsuen Wan Line (where Tsim Sha Tsui Station belong) to Kwun Tong Line and the nearest interchange station was the Mongkok Station. Was that confusing? Haha! In HK all train lines are connected so when you get there please remember my TIP below.

TIP: Get the MTR map since it will save you time and money. The last thing you want to happen is to get lost and ride a cab which is EXPENSIVE! And though you need to expect getting lost it is still advisable that you don’t because it will turn your mood upside down and might ruin your wonderful vacation. So get a map and ready some Elementary-English Vocabs too so communicating to the locals in case you need to ask for directions is easy and effortless. Most of the locals can’t speak English 😐


We arrived at Wong Tai Sin Station and exited at B2. All MTR stations have different exits but don’t worry all exits are labelled properly and the nearest landmarks from the exits are also written – So getting lost will never be an option! πŸ˜‰


The welcoming ark.


My momsie and the entrance. She’s unprepared here.


Donating for more good luck and blessings!IMG_5614

I am year 1994 and my animal sign is a Dog so here’s my photo with the awesome Dog!


The Wong Tai Sin Temple’s claim to β€˜make every wish come true upon request’ might have something to do with its popularity. Home to three religions (Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism) its natural setting and beautifully ornamented buildings make it as much a scenic attraction as an important religious centre. (http://bit.ly/1n115G7)


The temple commemorates the famous monk of yore, Wong Tai Sin (also known as Huang Chu-ping), who was born in the 4thΒ century and became a deity at Heng Shan (Red Pine Hill). In 1915, Taoist priest Liang Ren-an carried a sacred portrait of Wong Tai Sin from Guangdong in southern China to Hong Kong. Now housing this precious portrait, the Wong Tai Sin Temple is where worshipers pray for good fortune through offerings, divine guidance and fortune telling. (http://bit.ly/1n115G7)


I was very lucky to witness how locals take their religion seriously and you can feel it just by looking on how they give their respectful bow and lighting their incense. Of course, I prayed and made a wish just like them.


Family photo! We asked a random guy to take us a photo. (Di ko na matandaan kung Chinese or Korean si kuya na kumuha nito eh, singkit eh! haha!)IMG_5645

Just at the exit, different shops selling lucky charms were located. Looks as if it came from Binondo. Haha!

Chi Lin Nunnery and Nam Lian Garden


Diamond Hill Station is where our next destination was located and surprisingly, it was a station away from Wong Tai Sin! To get to the garden, you just have to follow the signs. It is super easy πŸ™‚

Welcome to the Nan Lian Garden! It was a huge garden situated in the middle of high-rise buildings.

This Garden and the adjacent monastic complex of Chi Lin Nunnery are built in Tang Style. The ancient landscape garden was adorned with springs, hillocks, trees, flowers and plants. Nan Lian Garden follows the rules of traditional Chinese landscape gardening techniques. A person has to visit this elegant and serene garden personally to believe its beauty.


The landscape was really relaxing and it brightened up my mood! It is a must visit here in HK.


Does this wooden artwork looks like a trash bin? Cause it is! Bonggabells ng basurahan oh!


We were lucky to find a tourist who was a photographer and asked him to take a photo of us. Oh yeah! πŸ˜‰


What a picturesque view! This is the Pavillion of Absolute Perfection, it is situated in the center of the Lotus Pond, it is an octagonal shaped timber structure. there are eight old pine trees around its pavillion.


Most of the trees you’ll find here in Nan Lian Garden is called Buddist Pine.


Welcome to the Holly Path. πŸ™‚


Look at her colorful shoes! Hihi. Kidding aside, this area was so relaxing because you can hear the birds and the meditation music playing all over the Garden. The structure behind is called Song Cha Xie, it is located at the northern bank of the Blue Pond. It is formed by the Xie (house built at the water side) and its connected corridor. It is an ideal place for appreciating the scenery and for enjoying fine tea.


Make sure to come and visit this garden when you go to HK. Btw, behind those waterfalls was a restaurant which you can dine.


Me and the map because I’m feeling like DORA, the explorer!! The Garden has an area of 35,000 sq. m so needless to say the map should be this big too. Haha!


Also within this massive garden was different museums which includes this rock museum! Awesome!


These rocks were cold which was very refreshing to hold and maybe hug? Cause my mom did! Haha!


C’mon guys! Give it a big push! Haha!


While wandering within this super relaxing garden, these were hanged all over the place. So it caught my mom’s attention and with further observation we concluded that it is the rain gutter or rain pipe, in Filipino – alulod.


Honestly, it seems like a senseless design purpose thingy but no it was the most important part of the building and this was a very clever idea!! We will have these made for our house. Hahaha!


After a few more stroll in the garden, we found the Chi Lin Nunnery. There is a connecting bridge from the garden to the nunnery so it was easy to locate. The photo above shows the signage at the entrance.Β IMG_5774

Behind me is the structure of the nunnery.


I am using the Manual mode of my camera (Canon 600D) and luckily the sun, the weather, the skies were cooperating and so I’ve got so many beautiful shots without having to change modes from time to time.


Inside the nunnery lies different statues of their god. Β These photos were from my phone because cameras were not allowed. BUT still I had to take a few snap shots. πŸ˜‰



This was where my jaw-dropped right to ground because it was so beautiful, solemn and you can feel how sacred the place was. I couldn’t get enough of looking at it but we had to leave. This snapshot I got was a reminder of how majestic this place was and unfortunately, my phone camera didn’t gave justice to how amazing it was. You must definitely go here. I may sound over-reacting but for me, it was one of the highlights of the trip. πŸ™‚

That’s the end of the garden and nunnery stroll!

Our next destination ………… *Drum Roll*

The Ladies Market or Mongkok!

Shopping Time!! πŸ˜€ Mongkok was the best shopping area that we went to.




If you have read my Day 1 entry then you would know that the best thing we did here was EAT, EAT and EAT! BWAHAHAHA! And our cravings were satisfied here in Mongkok since there were many food stalls which offer wide variety of street food. Yummehh!
IMG_5798This one was their favorite and it was chilly snail or in Filipino, suso. Bilisan niyo po yung pagbigkas ha, mamaya kung ano na yang sinabi niyo. Hahaha! And the moment I knew what it was (which was after eating loads of it)I am in total “Yikes and Ewww” cause I don’t eat it.


Picture picture sa gitna para may effect. Haha!


This was at Bossini. Yehes! Sosyal! Pants were sale at 330 HKD for 2 pairs so me and my sister got 1 each.


This was us at the fitting room. Picture parin sige, go lang! These were not the ones we got though. Haha! πŸ˜€
20140413_142843Bayaran mo na yan, Mommy! Ikaw ang in-charge dyan. πŸ˜›


My favorite fruit shake for only 20 HKD.


This one was a pancake. I forgot how much this was 😦


OMG!! This was my super duper favorite! It’s a fried dumpling. It’s for 16 HKD.


Along the road were entertainers.


My feet really hurts here but I gotta enjoy the moment!

IMG_5831My sister took this photo of a street photographer under my photography supervision. Haha!! The guy was using an old style instax camera. A photo is 20 or 50 HKD, I’m not too sure.


WE LOVE THESE EGG TARTS! IT TASTES AMAZING! Sobrang sarap talaga as in! It melts in your mouth and ohhhh… delicious!! You can buy these on bakeries along Mongkok. Price varies from 3 to 5 HKD each tart.



After the shopping galore, we met up Tita Divine who is a very good friend of my parents back in high school.

Sunday is Filipino Day here in HK and here at Central all Filipinos gather up. The photo above even shows a program led by Filipinos. It was nice to see our kababayan gathered up to support each other.


Look there’s BDO! Sobrang literal na kahit saan ako tumingin may Pinoy. Nakakatuwa! πŸ˜€

We ate at Cafe Coral, this was a roasted duck which my Dad was ultimately craving for.

IMG_5872It was nice to see my mom having lots and lots of happiness and catch up chikkahan with Tita Divine who was so thoughtful and super sweet!


Also on Central, Filipinos gathered in front of these televisions to watch a Filipino Channel!

Look! Ayan sila! Nakatutok sa The Buzz!

Causeway Bay


After eating we headed to Causeway Bay riding a bus, not the air conditioned bus, it was the bus we all are dying to ride. Haha! Thanks to Tita Divine we’re able to ride this majestic old school double deck bus! Hihi :”>


Excuse my exhausted face. I was really tired that time from all the walking but thankfully the weather was cool enough to relax.


A photo of the bus stop.

IMG_5895I am giving you a glimpse of how it is here in HK. Look at this hip and cool grand father, I super like the red and white color blocking outfit.


I guess these were advertisements for renting a flat, business numbers and all sorts.


We are crossing the street. I don’t where we were at this moment. I just captured it.
IMG_5926Now we were at Causeway Bay. Where shops were even more endless!! Haha! Almost all high-end brands were here.

IMG_5931Quick snap-shot here at F21 with mudrakells as background. Haha! We had to be quick because we’re catching up a light show at the Avenue of the Stars.


If you wish to visit the ever famous IKEA and their crafty things then you must visit Causeway Bay. You can get here through the MTR as well.

IMG_5934Can you spot the guy here who was camera ready? He even smiled. Ready si Kuya! Haha!


Fashion is a major must here and my camera captured this outfit! The most fashionable were the Koreans.

I don’t know what they exactly do but still we had to take a photo with these tall ladies.

Billboards everywhere!!

Avenue of the Stars

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui.


Here at the Avenue of the Stars, you can witness a light show and get a good view of the city lights.


I was having a hard time getting a good photo using my Manual mode or even Portrait mode and I was too exhausted to change modes for different light settings so what I did was to capture using the Video mode. It was a lot easier πŸ˜€

It was foggy thus the photos were blurry…


Excuse my “Ate, uso powder” face. I was super tired here… My body was calling for the bed!


I know that these guys had amazing time with their catch-up session and we were glad that Tita Divine was there with us!

IMG_6035The light show was about 5 mins? I didn’t enjoyed it or maybe because I was too tired to function.

Temple Street Night Market at Jordan Station


After the Avenue of the Star we went back to our place to get some rest and there’s no stopping, we went to Temple Night Market however it was too late, most of the shops were closed already. 😦

Here’s my mom with the bus on the background. I wish PH will have double deck buses going to provinces. That would be awesome πŸ˜€


I can’t remember where this was taken because after we went to Temple Street, we went back to Mongkok again. So I can’t remember where this was. Haha! BTW, it was easy to go from Β Jordan and Mongkok because it was a station away.


When we went to Mongkok most of the shops were closing too because it was like 10 in the evening. So there’s nothing left to do but eat! This was kikiam and it was yummy too!


Going back to our place we decided to take a bus however we were too late for the last trip 😐 So we took the MTR. :)) There’s a funny story here. Upon entering the station I saw 2 Filipinos going out the station, I knew that they were Filipino since the other said “Lasing na ko” and I hastily asked the lady “Bukas pa po ba?” and she was shocked to the highest level, she was not expecting me to ask her and speak in Filipino so we both laughed about it then she said “Opo, bukas pa po”. Her facial expression was priceless! Hahaha!


Our Day 3 adventure was at Disneyland! Many people have commented that Ocean Park is better than Disney in terms of rides and amenities BUT BUT BUT as a first timer, I’d still go to Disneyland, it’s because Disney is Disney. (Did I made a point here or what? Haha!)

There is a dedicated MTR line to the Disneyland Resorts, you just have to switch lines. It’s easy!


This is the exterior of the Disneyland Train. I love those Mickey Mouse shaped windows, I’d have it in my room soon. πŸ˜‰

IMG_6081While inside the train, you can see other Disney characters too!

IMG_6083Here’s my sister enjoying the ride.
IMG_6084I opted to stand and hold onto these cute Mickey Mouse hand rails.

IMG_6089I’d like to have one of these in my future home. Hihi.
IMG_6091Ganda na sana kaso si kuya naman dumaan pa! Kaloka!

IMG_6099Please excuse my major-bare-morning face. Haha! OMG! I’m here na!

IMG_6100Good thing, maraming Pilipino sa Hongkong, pwedeng makisuyong magpapicture. Β πŸ˜‰
IMG_6109TIP: Take a photo at the Thank You sign once you get in there since it gets too crowded when you leave and it’s probably night time so flash might ruin the moment.Β 

IMG_6113Jump shot naman! πŸ˜€

IMG_6117Wala pa kami sa gate ng Disney ubos na ang film! Haha!

IMG_6122We didn’t have to line up to buy our tickets since my mom and dad got it already from a shop near our guesthouse, it was quite cheaper than those being sold here at Disney and btw, online tickets are even more expensive.

TIP: Get your tickets before you go since it is cheaper.. Also most money changer shops can give you a bundle prize for both Disney and Ocean Park pass.


IMG_6129Here’s our ticket!

IMG_6130While waiting in line, I was entertained by cute kids who wear Disney Princesses costume!
IMG_6131Bongga ang field trip ng mga chikiting na ito, sa DisneyLand talaga!

IMG_6140Smile!! If I’m not mistaken the lady who took this photo was a Korean.. or maybe Chinese… I don’t know!
IMG_6141Welcome to Disney Land!

IMG_6144The moment we entered we went straight to line up and have a photo with Minnie and Mickey which took about an hour. Okay, here’s the story behind the photo above. That little girl’s leg got stuck to the fences and the crew were attentive to situation and the little girl got a pass too.






TIP: If you wanted to have photos with them so badly, make sure you do it “first” since it will take up your time and this is the only moment Minnie and Mickey will be together. There is a another area where Disney Characters are open to photos however Minnie and Mickey are in a separated tents.Β 

IMG_6146This little girl was munching on some sweet strawberries and was enjoying her snow white costume!
IMG_6190Ay nakaka-asar talaga tong mga Disney Princess, ang gaganda! Kalerly!

I feel like a princess too!

IMG_6164Me and the Sleeping Beauty Castle!


Me and the Clock!


Me and Donald Duck in his Chinese inspired costume!

IMG_6220Me and Pooh! Medyo parang malnourished naman ata si Pooh dito. Haha!





Food is allowed in the premises but you can also opt to eat at their cafeteria. Though it’s costly, I can guarantee it’s YUMMY!!! I even kept those cups for remembrance. Hihi!


If you are following my blog then you would now why this photo is mandatory! Hahaha! Β I once played a Sleeping Beauty… Well for graduation portraits only. If you haven’t seen that CLICK ME.Β 

IMG_6253She was so in character, from the way she speaks, looks and smiles and the costume! LOVELY!


These kids were happily walking towards another ride. Go kids! Stay cutepies :*

This is the current fashion here – PRINT ON PRINT OOTD.


These were lovely dresses I wish they had it in my size.. Huhu 😦
IMG_6265You can get these cute tumblers here too!


We didn’t waste time and watch a live play. The story was Β The Lion King!


The props were very colorful!

I enjoyed the play just like a kid!


Look at how detailed their costumes were, the kids love it!

IMG_6300This play was a musical and we noticed that most were Black singers and I believe they did an amazing job! They sing so well and super in character.


We went to Tarzan’s Tree house!


His name is… Dicky! Hello Mr. Dicky! Hahaha! πŸ˜€


Here is a closer look.IMG_6316

Kung anong ganda ng smile ko siya namang sama ng tingin sakin ni Ate! OMG! She hates me!!



Here I am enjoying Tarzan’s crib. Naks! Lakas maka-jungle ng vibe dito sa Tree House ni Tarzan!


Here was Disney’s 3 little pigs. Haha! Thank god my hands were fast enough to capture these 3 piglets roaming around Disney. Oink Oink!!


Wee!! Here’s the Flights of Fantasy Parade!

I can’t get my hands off my camera!


Look how colorful Minnie’s float was. It’s even sparkly!
IMG_6360I was in total paparazzi mode during the whole parade. I captured this photo and I was surprised how camera-ready Kuya Tigger was.


I love how I captured these candid moments! πŸ˜€



Tigger and Eeyore were playing with kids too! Cute!


I was a bit sad since Pooh was not fluffy.. He was malnourished.. Dahil sa matinding pollution wala na siyang honey na nakakain.. I’m sad 😦
IMG_6377The floats were very colorful!


I love Aurora’s dress here. Gusto ko siyang pantulog, BONGGA!! Haha!


Nakaka-insecure ang kili-kili ni Cinderella. Ang puti talaga!


Here’s Beauty, where’s the beast? πŸ˜› BTW, Beauty here looks like a Korean. Hmmm. Asian inspired lang? Haha!

IMG_6390The floats were designed creatively! Well it has to be, all the tourists are looking forward to this parade.


Shake it more Kuya! I am really loving these shots.


Hi there Tink! πŸ˜€


Here comes the Hawaiian vibe from Lilo and Stitch.

When I saw this photo, all I can think of was the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” Ads. Please note that I own the photos and I didn’t post process it using any photo enhancing software, it’s really from the camera’s awesome capture and my talent in photography.. EHEM! Hahaha!


Medyo nakakatakot yung face niya 😐


Wazzup Buzz?


Full shot of Lilo and Stitch’s float.


Selfie at the entrance of Small World!


Every section has a theme and it shows different countries too.


The song “It’s a small world” was also translated in relation to the theme. So the beat, lyrics and mood changes as the ride goes.


My camera was set to manual so I had to make-kalikot it every time the light changes. It was a bit difficult but the results were not that bad.


I wish I could ride an elephant that way. Haha!


Cute little Japanese girls. πŸ™‚


They are wearing traditional dresses. Amazing! The designers of the costumes did a good job πŸ˜‰


It really looks like there is a small world in here. I can imagine them being in real in the evening when there’s no tourists around. Haha! Just like “night at the museum” movie.


Cheers for the Philippines!! Yey!! “Ang mundo ay maliit” song was playing all over. πŸ˜€ Proud Filipino here!


Nakakatuwa na pati bahay-kubo natin ay nandito!


I love how tasty the colors here were. The lighting gave life to these little cute dolls.


I wish I can grab them and take them home! They were so cute but I don’t think I can stare at them for too long, I find it quite scary.

Look at that headdress! Peg ko yan pamalengke. Charr lang! Haha!

IMG_6488That’s the end of the ride, Paalam!! πŸ˜€


Next play we watched was the Golden Mickeys. I love the weather in HK not too hot but not too cold. I wish it was the same in PH 😐


This lady was giving the rules while inside the theater. She was not too fluent in speaking in English but she just kept on repeating the reminders about 5 times.

I love how dramatic this curtain was.


Weee! The show was about to start!

The setting I used on my camera was… The video setting. Haha! It’s adjusts so good to the lighting so I just need to press the shutter button and Voila! Amazing shots!


Good thing we were seated at the second row, I was able to capture all the moments. Hihi!


This production was with Toy Story. And Β BTW, the language used was Cantonese so we didn’t understand a thing though there’s a translation screen flashing at both sides of the stage still we weren’t able to utilize that, we were more focused on watching the play.


This was an excerpt from the movie Hunchback of Notre Dame and the guy who played it was Gwapo πŸ˜€ Haha!


And this was our favorite movie of all, Mulan πŸ˜€ This guy was singing so intensely that I can see all his facial expression from my seat!


Mulan released 2 movies already so I hope you had watched both of it.

Beauty and the Beast.


I was so lucky to capture this moment! It was just a split of seconds! Proud amateur photographer here. Haha!


Wee! they had confetti flying everywhere!

IMG_6582It’s the Golden Mickey’s! Yey! Two thumbs up for the show. You can’t miss out on the plays because they were the best part of all!


Our happy faces says it all. Excuse the mega flash. Haha!


We were Disney astronauts for a second. Toinks! BTW, we tried only one ride and its a roller coaster ride in space inspired background. It was not too scary but enough to make you feel dizzy. It’s bitin nga lang 😦


Ang bigat po ng planetang ito. Jusko lang!

Say Cheese! After a super tiring day, we sat on a bench and waited for the fireworks display. We were tired enough we can’t move an inch. Haha!


While me and my sister splurge on seating and enjoying the cold breeze while gazing to sleeping beauty’s castle, my mommy and daddy decided to tour around and bought some yummy bread πŸ˜€


Smile! She enjoyed this trip more than us πŸ™‚


Yummy!! I don’t know how much was this but it’s really yummybells!!


The castle looks magnificent with the lighting! Excited for the fireworks display!


I used the manual setting for my camera to capture the colors more vividly and I want to practice my photography skills too.


The show started from the famous castle fireworks you see on their logo which in real life was a fail 😐



I’ll use this shot for my office desktop. Hihi :*


Or maybe this one. I don’t know! I love all the shots! Those were real fire and we can feel the heat from where we were seated.


The whole show had excerpts from Disney movies.


And this was the finale! I can’t believe it ended too fast!


Good Bye Disneyland! I wish to visit you soon maybe in Japan? Wee!! :*



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