A day in Tagaytay Philippines!

Cheers! I have an entry already and it is all about a trip we had last Saturday (April 13, 2013).

So we went to Tagaytay because it came to our knowledge that my aunt has never been to Tagaytay in the last 18 years. It is considerable since she went overseas so she never had a chance to revisit the place again. Good timing because I want to eat Buko Pie and go on a road trip. 😛

We woke up 5:00 am in the morning to pack and get ourselves ready. Were off the road by 6:30. Me and my sister took the last row of seats in our cute yellow van. We sat there so we could goof around and not disturb everyone. haha! we tend to laugh really loud.


My sexy mother is our driver for the day 😀


We took CAVITEX to avoid traffic and its a lot closer to our way to Tagaytay however we paid 64 pesos at the toll gate. Convenience has a price! tsktsk.


That is me and my sister, the official endorser of Big Juice Drink! Haha! This photo was taken while were on CAVITEX. My face is still fresh :*


First stop is Tierra de Maria. It is by the road so you can easily spot this 50 foot image of our Mama Mary welcoming you to her little haven. It is beside Picnic Grove so it is very much accessible to everyone! There is no entrance fee, YEY!


This is the chapel next to the 50 foot image. I’ve been here quite a few times and I’m still captured by its warmth and solemnity. You can write down your petitions and prayers and drop them into a box. Its very cozy and the ambiance is suitable to  meditation.


You can meditate more on this corner of the chapel wherein there is an image of Jesus Christ.


That’s me and Mama Mary! You can go up to the deck to have a close up photo with the image. There are 3 floors, the upper most floor is a good spot to see the whole view of Taal Volcano and the lake.


You can buy religious items at this store still inside Tierra de Maria. That’s my mom, sister and daddy.



Those are just some of the items that they sell. Price ranges from 20 pesos to 1,000 pesos. You can buy rosary, rings, necklaces, saint sculptures, readings and a whole lot more!


Family picture!!! 😀

Next stop is Picnic Grove. Too bad you have to pay an entrance fee of 50 php per head plus the usage of cottages ranging from 150 to 550 php. Horse back riding is also available at 150 to 250 php.  Your 50 php is not worth it. The place is dull and there nothing to look forward to  unless you have your family picnic on not-so-nice-grasses then you’ll enjoy it, a little. A zipline and cable car is also available at 200 and 100 php respectively. Its way too hot now than before. You should bring your umbrella or wear cap to gear you up with the heat of the sun.




Good thing we have our cute cousin with us – Jazz – who totally brightens up our day! 😀



That is me and my sister loving the bridge! Our mommy took these shots! Likey!

IMG_9798A fish tail braid is perfect for summer and travelling. My sister has this obsession with hair and make-up and so I’m lucky to have a long hair that she can pimp and curl anytime! This hair do would totally change that boring pony tail into a more chic look! :*

(Visit her blog too: http://colorsandme.wordpress.com/)



You will find a lot of fruits, orchid, delicacies and more by the road. Some are cheap and some are really pricey. Make sure that you pick the freshest one!



So we ate at Mahogany Market – that’s how they call the place. It is basically a market wherein you can buy fruits, meat and eat! the ever famous bulalo that is so yummy and high-blood-ing! Its really worth of some belly anyway! they will serve it in FLAME! Seriously, it was too hot but very delicious!


I love soup and so I finish one bowl of Bulalo Soup! HAHA! We ordered fried tawilis and shrimp which is good as well. Plus sisig. It was a very good meal! 3 bulalo, 10 cups of rice (1 each), 1 sisig, 1 fried shrimp and 1 fried tawilis, 2 bottles of coke all for 2,000 pesos. Still worthy!

IMG_9996That’s the fried tawilis! :


For the best Buko Pie and Tart visit LOUMARS!! I believe they have the best Buko Tart in town. I seriously enjoyed and loved munching on it. I think I ate 3 tarts!!


I totally loved this chalkboard where they write about the available stuff! It is placed just before you enter the shop. It creates a very cozy vibe to the place.

Random photo of my sister while entering the shop. So candid! I picked out that leggings for her and I think I make a good stylist in the future. haha!


Me while enjoying the coziness of the place! I wore a white long owl printed shirt over a black leggings that I had for years. I wore my denim blue snickers a navy blue vintage watch and pearl earrings. Please excuse my only face. 😛 It is very comfortable to wear just right for that sunny day.


Another pile of delicacy waiting to be eaten!! You can never go wrong with all of these. NOTE: buy shing-a-ling, SARAP TEH! haha!


The ever so energetic and pretty cousin of mine!  She’s goofing around while everybody was busy picking out tarts! she had sustained her energy from 7 am till 8 pm – i bet she’s excited too!


Here’s the Buko Tart! that is 9 pieces in box and at 160 php per box. We gave 3 pieces to my aunt and so we are left with 6! You can spot Loumars Pies and Tarts just after you make a turn on the famous Tagaytay rotonda. You will see this before Tierra De Maria and a little closer to a newly constructed condominium.

So there it goes! I hope you have enjoyed this little trip of ours and make sure to check on my blog daily!! 😀


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