Boracay, the summer party capital of the PH!

April 21, 2013 – BORACAY BEYBEH!

I really don’t know how it came to be. We were just planning to visit our grandparents (my mom’s parents) at Roxas, Capiz and there we found ourselves in BORACAY! haha :)) SAYA!

Our trip began last April 21, our flight to kalibo! It was a very very sunny day and we have 5 full packed bags of clothes and everything we need for this 10 day trip covering Boracay, Roxas and Iloilo. I have different entries for it. For now, let’s hit our Boracay trip for 3 days to 2 nights!


There’s a photo of my pass. We took Cebu Pacific’s Lite Fare! Swak sa budget!! Make sure to check out there promo fares because its really cheaper compared to regular rates!


My flight face! All smiles! We were at the airport 2 hours before the flight! We were expecting heavy traffic and a line of people. Good thing it was a light and friendly traffic! Lakas maka international flight ng smile ko eh!


There goes our parents! Also happy about this getaway!! Look at those bags – Full of outfitsss!!


A very easy and convenient way of checking in. Do not be afraid of using this computers because there are friendly cebu pacific staff that will help you through! So there’s my daddy :>


So while waiting for our boarding time, my little sister’s creative hands went on my hair again! That is a fish tail braid, good thing it fits my long hair.


There we go! I’m sitting at row 9. :> This plane is really clean and seats are comfy enough for a 40 minute drive to Kalibo! Due to some traffic in the runway we stayed for about 20 minutes more. It was okay since we’ll have time to take photos but seriously, i hate waiting. 😐


WEEEE!! Its not too cloudy so we had a good view from up above! As what my sister say: “GOOGLE MAP LANG” HAHA! we want to touch those fluffy clouds!


And there goes my gwiyomi faces while on flight! haha :)) Our goal is to take videos of ourselves during our trip and then trim it together, somehow a compilation of this  memorable 10 day trip BUT we were not able to do it. huhu :(( good thing we have photos!


Wala pang isang kurap nasa kalibo na kaagad kami! kakaloka lang! haha! Ang bilis masyado ni Pilot hinahanap na raw siya ni Maya! haha :))))


We were welcomed by this ati-atihan costume! Bongga!

From the airport we rode a big white van going to caticlan port for 250 pesos inclusive of the boat ride to boracay proper. From kalibo, it will take around 2 hours to Caticlan. However our driver was speeding up to 130 kph so we were at caticlan in 1 hour and 35 minutes! Kamusta naman ang hilo mo teh!


Before you set foot on your boat ride you need to pay the terminal fee and environmental fee of 100 and 75 pesos respectively. I don’t know where do they spend this fee but please make sure that you have enough money with you if you visit Boracay! After the 10 minute boat ride we rode a tuktok (Tricycle) to our accommodation  It was 20 minutes away from the port, i guess. We paid 100 pesos for the whole ride.


We stayed at Eriko’s House a minute away from the beach and right next to D Mall. Eriko’s House is located at Station 2. We reserved our room 2 or 3 weeks before since we were expecting a wave of people visiting due to summer season and summer vacation of most students! Contact them at 09284854100. Staffs are friendly but expect a difficulty on Wi-Fi signal if you are on your room.

Since we left Manila at 3pm plus the delays and the hours in the van, we were in Boracay Proper at about 8 pm. It was really exhausting but there’s no time to waste so we changed clothes and enjoyed the night!


Lakas maka girl ng outfit ko! haha :)) Flowery long dress and a stress smile! Haha! I kept this dress for ages, I never thought that I would have the courage to wear them again! Buti nalang kasya pa! sexy ko talaga!


Located somewhere in Station 3. Taking photos are free! Bongga! haha :))


Saan naman nakatingin kapatid ko? haha! Mother and Daughters Photo Opt 😀

While we were strolling along the beach we found this lady sitting right next to a tarpaulin of activities that she offers. We asked her how much Helmet Diving and Parasailing cost and once we got the price we want, KABOOSH!, Book na kaagad!

We want an early dip so our helmet diving activity was at 8AM sharp! We need to be early so that the fishda are awake!! BWAHAHA!

So our night ended pretty much with that. We were very exhausted that our bodies can’t move anymore.

(April 22, 2013) We woke up 6 in the morning to get ourselves ready and to put sunblock on our delicate skin! Bonggang sunblock talaga itey!


Say hello to my outfit of the day! Sun and Sands Rash Guard, Black and flowy skirt, a summer hat with leopard print and some early morning smile. Haha! Nakakaloka! Buti nalang excited ako sa activity namin kundi malamang nakahiga pa ako sa kama! haha :)))


To match your outfit, better paint your nails! I painted both my hands and toes the night before our flight. Any summer colored nail polish is perfect!


And since this is my blog, here’s another selfie photo! haha! We were eating/drinking taho while waiting for our turn. The morning beach was very calm and the view was superb! Kailangan pa kasing sumakay ng speed boat para makarating dun sa diving site! Saya!

IMG_0126A helmet weighs 25 Kilos out of water but only 2 Kilos under water! I am feeling like an astronaut here! This activity costs 600 php per head, it includes a CD with photos and a video underwaterrr!! 😀


Underwater Astronaut it is! That is me and my sister! We had a little problem about the breathing pattern since the air must come out from our ear – it is called equalizing. OHA!


FISHDA all around! I personally loved this activity because it was so new to me and I love being in the water! ( Wish I could do it all the time!)

Please do not miss this activity! It was really fun and exciting!


Meet Kuya Manong Diver! Haha! He was our guide underwater. He was teaching us the hand signals to be used. I didn’t realize that he was very camera ready. Hmmm. Prepared? HAHA!


Going back to the beach. huhuhu!! I wish I can stay underwater for hours!


HELLO HOT WATER! Nakakaloka ang init ng tubig! Kailangan niyo ng matinding sunblock at magsuot rin kayo ng sunnies kasi nakakasilaw ang sinag ng araw. Medyo maligamgam yung tubig kaya perfect sa mga kids!


Lovers in Boracay lang ang peg! haha :)) We were at station 3 since the water was a lot better on this side. :>

(April 22,2013) After our helmet diving at 8am our next activity was parasailing at 5pm! Perfect time for the sunset.

This activity costs 800 php per head. This is the best activity in Boracay! The rush and the thrill of floating in the air! YAHOOOOOO!!!


Taken by Manong Driver of the Speed Boat! Oh bongga ako ang driver kunwari! Haha! :)))

Sorry for my not so maayos hair! Riding a speed boat can ruin your hair-do!


Yes, WE ARE SO SCARED! haha! pagtapak namin sa Speed Boat na magdadala samin sa air, kami agad ang sinalang! nakakaloka talaga!

The Kuya was teaching us the hand signal to be used. We need to extend our arms and create big circles – it means di na namin kaya!!


Napapasigaw nalang talaga kami! I swear!! As in!! Matindi pa to sa Space Shuttle experience!!

We were screaming at the top of our lungs!


Wala pang tatlong kembot andun na agad kami sa stratosphere! Hahaha! In just 1 minte we were floating in the air!

It was the best experience I had in Boracay. We were able to see the whole island of Boracay from point A to point B.


The ride was not smooth at all. Most specially if the air was blowing against the parachute. I could still remember the first shaky moment we had – our face was “WHAT JUST HAPPENED? ARE WE GOING TO DIE?” Haha!

But still it was the best and it was super fun!


After 15 mins of floating in the air, we were pulled down for our parents’ turn. That is our mommy and daddy!

Don’t worry, I can’t really make kwento about their experience because after 5 mins, they’re back! Haha! Di kaya ni mommy eh!


Our very candid faces after that thrilling moment! I LOVE IT! :)))

You need to see and roam around Boracay during day time too ( just don’t forget to put on your sunblock ) because you will appreciate its coolness and you can buy pasalubong!

First Tip: I recommend that you buy on Boracay Talipapa rather than D’Mall and other beach front shops for only 1 reason, it is a lot cheaper and they sell exactly the same items. Boracay Talipapa was 10 to 15 minutes walk from our accommodation but still worth some walk.


I got my Boracay Summer Bag for only 250 pesos at Boracay Talipapa. Beach front shops sell it at 350 to 400 pesos. I KNOW – Mura diba? So dun ka bibili okay? 😀

Second Tip: If you are on a tight budget and you want a simple accommodation then you can never go wrong with Eriko’s House. I’m their official endorser! Haha! There are affordable accommodations that are 15 steps away from the beach front like Eriko’s, Tan’s Guesthouse and many more. 2,500 pesos is good for 4 persons already, with Wifi, a mini ref and cabled TV! Nice diba? Haha!

And speaking of accommodation, please book/reserve your room/hotel a month before most specially on peak seasons. Just to make sure! Eriko’s House required us to pay 50% of the bill to reserve the room on our preferred date.


We really enjoyed strolling along D’Mall and the beach front was so busy. I like the shops there because you can find almost all the things that you need and they keep the beach well lit during night time. That is my mudrakels – shopping shopping raw kunwari


PLEASE FORGIVE MY FATNESS AND FACE! HAHA! I was wearing that Red flowy dress for a day, trying to stay girly. :))

Third Tip: Your clothes should be weather friendly and having a beach dress will totally glam you up! Boracay weather is not just hot but also humidity is all over that is why you need comfortable clothes. Don’t forget your favorite sunnies and a fashionable hat, it is important in protecting your face from getting sunburned. PLUS- GET A BEACH PERFECT BODY! Obviously, I was not prepared. haha 😀


Enjoy the view my readers! I don’t know but I can hear Hawaiian Themed music while looking at this photo. 😀

Fourth Tip: Learn how to walk, you really need it to enjoy the whole beach front. For us, we were able to walk from Station 1,2 and 3 with tired feet but still a very nice experience and it was enjoyable!


I love taking photos of everyone and myself! Haha! I’m very sexy indeed! Attitude and Confidence lang yan!

Fifth Tip: Always have your camera with you. Don’t forget to charge the batteries and buy a waterproof case if you want to take it with your water adventures. Better be safe than sorry. I got myself a waterproof case for 450 pesos for my Canon 600D and it was all worth it because it kept my precious camera from dirt/sand and getting wet. I was looking for such case here in Antipolo/Metro Manila but unfortunately DicaPac was the only available and it costs 3,600 pesos! Good thing I was able to find a case here in Boracay! I bought it to protect my camera and not because I want to take photos underwater – WAYYYY DANGEROUS!


FOOD TRIPPING!! My last tip: enjoy all the food in Boracay! Minsan lang eh! Haha! but still whatever fits your budget, baka wala ka ng pamasahe pauwi! So try the famous chori/chorizo burger ONLY FROM MERLY’S! – Authentic plus it has a home made sauce and PLUS – they sell it at 45 pesos while others sell it for 60 pesos! I liked it but my mom was not amused. Take from me, she’s picky.

I hope you all love my tips which are based from my experience and thanks for reading!


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