Proud to be Dorado!

So the reason we had a 10-day getaway covering Boracay-Capiz and Ilolo was to see my mother’s parents and check on them too.

Honestly, I was a “Nanay’s Girl”. (we call my mother’s mom as Nanay) Back to the days where my mom has to leave the country to earn for a living, I was left with my Titas and of course Nanay Mary! They rented a small store at Project 4 Wet Market and this was the place where I got my own freaking brain up! haha! I have very good memories back there. I can still remember counting all the coins and selling/asking what the customer needs. SEE! I was born to be a Marketer! Ayun, bantay ako sa tindahan ni Nanay and chinichikka ko lahat ng customer. Oh pang MMK na ba ang buhay ko? HAHA!

Capiz is known for its “Aswang” Tales. Yes, we are truly an aswang but we don’t eat babies instead we eat normal human food. Eh bakit, Modern na ngayon teh. Nag evolve na kami! Burger na ang nilalafangers namin! hahaha! I don’t know but being labeled as aswang is no big deal since as what the old tales say – An aswang is characterized by beautiful skin and face. Hmm, Aswang kami nuh? Kidding aside, I hope those aswang stories will attract more tourists because it will mean business to capiz citizens!

Roxas is known as the Seafood capital of the Philippines and I can really agree to it. Roxas offers ultimately the best seafoods!  The fishda are all fresh and MAS YUMMY! (Coco Martin Way). Knowing that I was able visit such place really excites me!


We arrived a little late in the afternoon so we had a very good view of the rice fields. Living here was so simple and the fresh air kept my lungs on high.

Before anything else, let me tell you a story about the bumpy ride we had. It was hell fun! Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos of the tricycle. Anyway, from the Panit-an Market we rode a tricycle going to Tincupon – the place where my grandparents live. The tricycle was really small and old. We could have rented two tricycles since we have 5 full packed bags but due to excitement, no one was able to consider such option. Haha! so basically the tricycle was tortured from us! It was so fun because:

1. The tricycle’s side car was almost on the ground because of our weight so it had a hard time going through the uphill road and we were all screaming “Hala, magtutulak pa tayo!!” with the best laugh we could ever do!

2. My dad took the back seat while Arielle and I took the side car’s seat and for whatever reason there is, my mom took the most dangerous seat – I call it “above the wheels seat” Haha! literally, she was seating above the wheel! I took a little snapshot. (underneath photo)


3. The ride was pretty long and the road was pretty bad! haha! we just kept on laughing because it felt like we were going somewhere that is very secluded and deserted by man! Haha!

So yeah, we were laughing all the time. :)))

Staying here entails a lot of sacrifices such as:

1. There is no sturdy cellular signal.

2. No wifi or readily available internet access.

3. No cushioned bed.

4. No malls 15 mins away. Instead rice field is everywhere.


We had a warm welcome from Uncle Judd and Tita Mabel who’s a rice field away from my grandfather’s house.

No one knows that we are coming on that day so they were all surprised.


My mom and arielle with their stress faces! we are loving the rice field background!


My stress-selfie-rice-field shot! haha :)))

I got pretty sick the next morning due to the cold mist from the night. At first it was not too bad so I still had the energy to roam around.


The best thing was we were able to borrow my Tita Nining’s car so transportation was really easy and it saved us from the expensive fare.


Weee! I think I’m definitely a Dorado because look, they sell stuffs too – Just like I do online! Bongga! My Lola who’s wearing the big hat in a jumper-suit is the most fashionable lola I’ve ever met! Seriously! She was so fashionista! –  Lined eyebrows, polished nails and red lippies!!  Me and my sister had a morning face 😦


Oha! San ka nakakita ng sungay at paa in one!  haha :))) nakakatakot mga baboy dito nabukas pa mata. HAHA! Di lang seafoods ang fresh pati mga meat products!


After that early morning trip to the market we head back home to cook lunchkies!! They do have a gas stove however it feels so new if you do this old style of cooking, plus it was said that cooking on wood can give more flavor to food!


Lunch outside with these perfect weather! It was really nice being here. Although this time, I was really sick and feeling so down, it lightened me up a bit!


This little fella was alone since she/he/it broke her/his legs. haha :)) I don’t know if it was a girl or a boy. I’ll use she. Eventually she died since she can’t keep up from her siblings and mother to eat. Poor little girl. I feel for her since I was sick that day too.


My sister was allergic to the sun rays. HAHA :))

We are off to visit other family members!



This is my cousin Nathaniel James or Natnat for short! We really love him because his sweet and naughty. Look at his face it was like “Laki ng smile mo teh ah!” Haha!!! Excuse my swollen face. I had a swollen tonsils on that photo plus the fats so hello big face! haha :))


I really love this photo! Being here with my ever loved lolo was heartwarming. I haven’t seen him for years and I’m glad this opportunity came! He’s very patient and kind.


I’m the Queen of the Rice fields! I certainly love this view since I can’t be here all the time and it was very calming. ALTHOUGH, the poopoo smell is everywhere! Sabi ko nga “Alam mong nasa probinsya kana kapag amoy tae na ng kalabaw” HAHA! At habang nagpipictorial kami dyan nakatitig ang mga kalabaw sa paligid nakikichismis!


I super like this photo! The house at back was our home for several days. See it was so simple and pure. 😀 Province na province talaga ang peg namin eh!


These fresh bukos were from the backyard and it is super sweet! We made a buko salad so these were super perfect and the salad was gone for seconds!


Look at this sack of fresh talaba!! They bought it for 500 pesos only!!

My dad and arielle loves to eat these so they went all hearts on eating it! haha:))


Too bad, I avoid any seafood due to my allergy but I enjoyed looking at these fresh sea creatures. 😀


As part of my grandparent’s thanksgiving they killed their piggy piggy oink oink to become the famous lechon! YUMMEH!

The pig weighs 25 kilos so 2 people was needed to kill the piggy.


I enjoyed watching the process of killing the piggy. BWAHAHA! I even took a video of it just to capture the cry of the pig. It was so loud and weird!! You think killing it was easy – HELL NO! you need to be strong enough because the pig can take you down too.

Since it will take a long time to cook the pig into a perfect lechon, we decided to roam around Roxas and eat at the so called “baybay” or the beach area.


On the way to baybay, we passed through Capiz National High School – my mom’s school back then :>


This is their stadium/field/ gym. It is huge and it was field with athletic people! I love the entrance btw.


And since we are in the sea foods capital of Philippines, we shouldn’t miss eating their delicacies! I do recommend that you go here if you don’t have time cooking and roaming around the market. 🙂 Best time to go is 5pm onwards so you’ll have the best view of the sunset and a much cooler beach breeze!


This is just some of the sea foods that you can eat at Baybay. Make sure to check all the restaurants there and choose something you haven’t eat :>


He did enjoyed being at the beach and running freely. Look at his very happy face- it is very uplifting! Kids can totally brighten up your mood.


While waiting for our food to arrive. I was enjoying the cool beach breeze and that certain province smell which is very refreshing.


I so love this sunset. I think it is the best I’ve seen so far! Very calming and picturesque!

Back in Boracay, I wasn’t able to appreciate the sunset perhaps due to crowded shore, establishments and loud noise. Gladly, the tourism office of Roxas is maintaining the beach’s relaxing ambiance and I wish it will be kept like this forever!

After enjoying the food and ambiance at Baybay we all went home and from afar we could smell the roasting pig.. YUUUMM!


Hello Lechon and Hello Fats!

Just by looking at this roasting pig makes my tummy go wild and my blood pressure to explode!

So we ended that day with a pretty smile because we know we’ll be able to eat this yummy lechon tomorrow! :>


It was a super GOOD morning due to this wonderful kids around! Wish I could go back to being so carefree like them..

So we invited good old friends to come over at the house for a little gathering and bonding. My mom invited her “kababata’s” and “kapuso” which she misses a lot.


Since it was a gathering day, I made up myself to look pretty and here is my #selfie photo! Look at that fresh face – Walang edit edit yan!! I wore my blue printed dress and leggings. Do I look sick? – My tonsils were screaming HELP at this time!


And of course, di magpapatalo si Arielle – And kapatid kong korean by heart! haha!:))) She wore a blue dress too!!


My lolo’s youngest sister! Look are her, she is so fashionable and very bagets! She wore a pink top and a denim shorts.

Forgive my face. 😦


That is my mom who was very happy of this little gathering and the laid back eating! PUURFEECT for the super yummy lechon!!


So everybody enjoyed the lechon!

Although it was simple, I really had fun because it was in a new environment and all people were smiling and is very friendly. I do not know all of them by name or even by face so I just ate. HAHA :))))

The day ended super okay! I wish I could eat those lechon to death but too bad my body won’t take any. huhu 😦 Being sick with these food around you was so so so depressing!!!

The worst part of this was my temperature went up as high as the skies above later that night. I was chilling and my throat was growling like a rock star. I wanted to fly home and sleep. 😦 Huhu. My parents decided that we go to the hospital the next day and check in on a hotel for me to be comfortable. I was such a pain those days! 😦


We woke up early the next morning since it was scheduled as the swimming day! The photo above was the truck where my mom’s relatives were riding. Creeeeeepy but I think it was fun! 😀


Since I was dead sick, I stayed on the car while they enjoy the water and to my surprise – A BIG AND LOOONNNNGGG JEEEPNEY was parked just a few cars away. haha! I think I can call it a jeepney bus. It was super long and the seats were arranged just like a bus. It was so new to me that I laugh when I saw it but after a second I was amazed! 😀 weird stuff!

At 12 noon, we all head back home but our family made a little stops to landmarks of Panitan.


Very solemn and simple 🙂


A real proof that we went here! haha!


I don’t know if my mom went schooling here or she just wanted a photo but well yeah, there she is! She definitely miss being here and she wanted to visit Capiz looooooong time ago. :>


When we got back home they went straight to the rice field for a my mom’s photo opt! Haha! After all, she was the one who grew up here.


My mom’s #selfie. Let’s give my mom a part because her friends reads my blog! HELLO MY MOTHER’s FRIENDS 😀 Thank you for visiting my blog and please comment anything just make sure it’s good. :* kiddingg!!!


Before going to Iloilo and say goodbye, we had a little photo opt for memories and souvenir! It was a very emotional moment. I had to make pigil my tears. 😦


WACKIEST PHOTO EVER OF MY LOLO!!!! Hahaha :))) Zoom in niyo nalang :)))


Loving grand daughters :>


Lovers in Capiz! 🙂

Our trip was very fun filled and exciting. We were able to visit our grandparents and meet new relatives!

Thank God for such a wonderful family!

Thank you for reading this entry!!


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