January 2016: 17 things you probably didn’t know about my sister.

Happy Birthday to my little sister who’s sleeping as I begin writing this post about her. It is 11:30 of January 3.


And since this is her special day, I want to share with you 17 facts, things, secrets about her. Hindi naman sa bukingan pero parang ganun na rin! Hahaha!



Named after my dad – Victorio and my mom – Marina.

2. Her nick name is ARIELLE.

We call her ARIELLE and she thinks she’s that mermaid with red hair. Like seriously girl, you think you can comb your hair with a fork? Haha!

3. Her friends and classmates call her VIKKY.

Even though we call her Arielle, she is known to her friends as Vikky.

4. She’s born in a doctor’s clinic at QUEZON CITY.

It was the clinic where my mom visits her OB and where our PEDIA hold check-ups too!

5. She’s the spoiled BUNSO.

We’re only 2 girls and she’s the bunso. You can tell that she’s well loved, verging to being spoiled, but whenever she want something lavish, she make sure she works hard and save for it.

6. Her zodiac sign is CAPRICORN.

Which explains her shy personality yet she’s very ambitious and goal oriented.


7. She’s studying Entrepreneurship minor in Fashion Design in Miriam College.

She is the most maarte, no, artistic person in the family. There’s this one instance that I asked her to make me a party leatherette envelope bag and she did it in just a day. ***Slow clap for you sissy!***

8. She graduated high school at COLLEGE OF SAN BENILDO RIZAL.

This is also where I graduated secondary school and because of that she always get questions like “Ate mo ba si Riye?” “Kapatid mo ba si Ms. Catabay?” “Ate mo ba si Riye? Pero tahimik ka eh nuh?”


9. She’s a sucker for MAKE UP.

Name it, she’s have tried it. Primer, Concealer, BB Cream, Lipsticks, Eye Shadows and… Everything!

10. She loves Make Up BRUSHES!

How can you apply make up without brushes? Hmm? More than she have make up she have more brushes too. Her latest purchase was a Real Technique brushes in a set. Tsktsk.

11. Her hair, her crowning glory, REALLY!

ConAir curling wand, flat iron hair straightener, blower… Yes, she has all of them. Can you just imagine her bobby pins, it’s all over the house! Whyyy!!!


12. She’s using a Lenovo 15″ touch screen laptop.

She was given this laptop as her graduation gift. She uses it for school, for youtube, for video editing, for watching korean and for blogging too!

13. She has a youtube channel!

You can visit her channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/LittlePowderPuff. She has videos on make up and hair plus DIY’s.

14. She has a blog too!

I know she can’t keep up on posting just like me but nevertheless she would love to promote it. Visit her blog at: http://misslittlepowderpuff.blogspot.com/


These last 3 things are my buking about her.

15. Two of her most favorite food are LASAGNA and CARBONARA.

She would order these two endlessly! She looks for it whenever she sees a menu. Haha!

16. She likes to watch musical plays and DISNEY MOVIES/SONGS.

She likes the songs from Les Miserables a lot that she had to download it and mind you, kabisado niya po ang lyrics! Of course, let’s not forget that both of us are inlove with DISNEY movies and songs. We can sing them anytime, anywhere.


17. Makalat po siya. Totoo po. Promise!

She’s gonna kill me for this! Hahaha! I always tease her with “May bagyo nanaman sa damitan mo.” or “Wow, signal number 3 dyan ah.” She has a lot of things here and there whether its her clothes, school stuff or her DIY’s. Its all over the place. She keeps it clean naman kapag nasa mood siya. Hahaha!


Happy Birthday to you my dearest sister. I’m sorry I had to make buking you but of course, it is the fun! I know that rough days are ahead of you pero simula palang yan, wag kang susuko. Mahirap ang buhay college pero malalagpasan mo yan. We are always here to support you. #PUSHLANG



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