April 2016: Laiya Batangas

This post is dedicated to my well loved RLC-RBD-RESLUX-SMSD Family. Yes, that specific! Haha!

I recently went onto another milestone in my career and sadly this new milestone meant leaving my post at Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC). Just the thought of leaving the place where I’ve got the first dibs to corporate business and marketing was truly heartbreaking. RLC was my first job, my first work-family and first real hard-core work experience. Coming in as a fresh graduate, I have so much expectation to how my corporate life will begin and honestly, I’ve prepared for the worst scenarios… just like how our professors would describe “Nako! Wala pa tong stress na ito kapag nagtrabaho na kayo” or “Madali pa ang pinapagawa ko sainyo kapag nagtrabaho kayo, mas mahirap pa”

BUT! God was so good to me that all of the worst scenarios in my head were turned into beautiful, awesome and one of the books experience ever.

I was truly blessed to be part of a family where one supports the other even on the roughest days at work. I’ve had ample moments where I almost said “ENOUGH” but who would even dare say enough when I’ve got an super team backing me up? Hmm? Though they didn’t want me to leave they showed me support and gave me inspirational advice on how to take on the new challenges at my new career. They are indeed a super team in and out of work. Hihi.

Love you guys!

This post is also because they’ve been waiting for the video I took on our summer sales rally at Laiya Batangas. They would probably just jump to the video below and not read the things I’ve written because you know — too much drama! Haha!

Oh ayan tinapos ko na agad mga bes para pak manuod na kayo!

Watch in HD and sorry kung magulo!


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