June 2017: Queen City of the South, Cebu!

This is Raymar and I’s second trip alone and probably the most spontaneous one. We have no plans of going to Cebu as we just recently went to Puerto Princesa last April but lo and behold, I booked a ticket to Cebu because being puyaters means you get to catch the PISO fare flights of Cebu Pacific. Huehue!

Since this was unplanned I had no time to sit down and make a DIY itinerary as I always do. Two weeks prior the trip I decided to book a tour package to plan everything for us. I message quite a handful of tours and transport in Cebu but the most efficient and quickest to reply was Ms. Vangie of L&E Cebu Tours and Transport.

Booking with them was the best decision we’ve made because through them our Cebu trip was super exciting and stress-free. I honestly do not believe in booking tour packages, the magaling-in-me always kicks in, but this team changed the way I see packaged tours. (I was not paid to say that. Haha! Thank you again Ms. Vangie!)

So yeah, Raymar was the one in charged of booking our hotel at Crown Regency. Thank you Tita Rose! Hihi ♥

Our flight was 4PMish of June 21 and surprisingly, it was not delayed. Since this was a piso fare flight I was expecting long delay but golly, it wasn’t! Yung totoo Cebu Pacific mas delayed pa yung flight ko na normal rates ah. Baliktad lang bes?

Arrived at Cebu at 6PMish and road Grab to Crown Regency Hotels and Towers at Osmena Blvd Cebu City. Fare was at 350 pesos but I had a 200 peso coupon off so we paid 150 only. #GrabUserToBes. Our room was at the 9th Flr and it is a typical superior hotel room but with extra space. It was crazy spacious it looked empty.

What is the first thing you do when you go to Cebu? OF COURSE, EAT LECHON!

And what you do after eating lechon? OF COURSE, YOU SLEEP! #HealthyLiving. We were tired already and we had a 9AM call time to catch the next day.

June 22, 2017: Uphill and Twin City Tours

Ms. Lhenny, our assigned tour guide was at the lobby at exactly 9AM and she was our tour guide and driver as well. Our service was a Gold Toyota Revo, can I just highlight the aircon, bes ang lakas ng aircon ng sasakyan, malamig pa sa cold mong girlfriend. Charrot!

First stop, Temple of Leah. From Cebu to Greece, real quick! Grabe naman po si Sir Adarna, bakit ka ganyan Sir, may pa temple ka pa para kay Mayora Leah! Ibang level naman ang love mo for her. Haba masyado ng hair ni mayora!

Temple of Leah.
Ay! Nakapag day off man si inday.
Oh! Hindi papahuli sa pag pose si dodong!
These pillars! Lakas maka mayaman!

Next on the list was The Philippine Taoist Temple!

Located inside the Beverly Hills Executive Village.
Two Thumbs Up!


Double Dragon!
Everywhere is picturesque!

If you want to  breath in positive energy with clean surroundings and the perfect view of the city – this is the place to go in Cebu. I’m really amazed on how well maintained, clean and neat the place is. Also, you can only take photos in the open/public places and cannot while inside the temple. Make sure you say a little prayer and make a wish!

Lapu Lapu Shrine!

LP 2
Si Lapu Lapu na talaga ang may abs!

LP 3

LP 1
The exact place where Lapu Lapu was killed.

Pasensya po at napa-upo na po kami dyan, PAGODA TRADEGY na eh! Hehe.

One tip I can share is to buy Cebu T-shirts within the vicinity of the Lapu Lapu shrine because it is way cheaper compared to other places. We got ours for 100 pesos per shirts on white and 130 pesos on black/colored. There were bunch of things you can buy aside from T shirts, there were sandos, dresses, slippers, ref magnets, key chains and many more!

Do not leave Cebu without trying Lantaw Floating Restaurant.

Our lunch was at Lantaw and believe me guys when I say – Bes, masarap talaga!

We ordered spicy scallops, mongo, adobong pusit, platter of rice and Lantaw coolers. Masarap na mura pa! Di ka magsisi kaya order lang ng order! Haha! #EndorserLang

You might be wondering why we ordered mongo, I have been craving for it and to my surprise it was the most unique mongo dish I’ve tried. The beans were not mushy, it has coconut milk and the vegetables were fresh. Really really good!

10,000 Roses!

Next to the Lantaw Resto is the 10,000 Roses Cafe. Mind you, it is a lot prettier in the evening but make sure you have enough time for the travel and traffic on the way. There’s also a 20 peso entrance fee per person before you reach the cafe but it is picture worthy. It gets quite crowded though.

No edits just the camera, natural light and the clear sky. Love this photo!

The best thing about having an exclusive tour and a tour guide is this – Great Photos! We were blessed that our tour guide knows the angle and where to take it. Kudos to Ms. Lhenny!

This monument shows the important history of the Philippines and those that happened in Cebu in particular. We came right in time because there were almost no tourist at all so we were able to take this no-photobomber shot.

Heritage Park
Cebu Metropolitan Church
Magellan’s Cross

It is difficult to get a good shot at the cross so make sure to take your time, also immerse yourself with the history of the place.

Sto Nino Shrine
Viva Sto. Nino!

We were lucky to witness a performance preview at the plaza across Magellan’s Cross. Yas!

SM 1
SM Seaside Cebu

The car behind us was our tour service. Bes, malinis, mabango, maganda at malamig ang aircon. Ikaw na susuko sa lamig. Haha!

After this we headed to Tabo-an Public Market because as suggested by our tour guide, Tabo-an Public Market is the perfect place to buy dried fish for pasalubong and yes it was! It is a whole market where you can buy all kinds of dried fish and mind you, the smell will stick to your clothes, hair, face and all over. Titira sa ilong mo yung amoy bes! Haha! The stores were also well equipped with plastic packaging so no need to worry on packing it yourself. You can buy in tingi so don’t worry, you get to buy all kinds in a cheaper price.

Handuraw Pizza

For dinner we walked towards the Handuraw Pizza place at Mango Square, it was few blocks away from our hotel so we did not miss the chance.

Pinoy Henyo!

While waiting for the pizza, we opened one of their board games and we enjoyed it! We were giggling as if there were no other customers inside. Haha. Needless to say we enjoyed this simple dinner a lot! We stayed for an hour or two because playing this was super fun!

P.S. Excuse us for the selfie that’s because if I post it on my IG we will get 10% discount. Bes, make sure to read the menu and spot the discounts thingymabobs because tipid tipid bes!

No, even it was late at night Raymar insisted that we try the 6D theater in our hotel. Jusko! Each person has to pay 250 pesos with two 6D movie. Mind you this was a waste of money. Haha! Sorry Raymar!

And yes, no again, we did not end our day with the 6D thing, since there was a karaoke bar at the basement level of our hotel, we did not missed the chance to try it out as well – iyan ay kahit 4AM ang call time namin kinabukasan. We sang our lungs out! Literal! Haha! We were singing for solid 2 hours, may pa last song pa! Wag kayo!

Definitely try out the Karaoke Bar – Songhits Family KTV. Super mura lang and ang daming songs – lalamunan niyo nalang yung susuko kakakanta!

June 23, 2017: South Cebu Tour

Our second day started as early as 4AM because going to South Cebu takes around 3 to 4 hours depending on the weather and the driver. It was raining heavily along the way but Raymar and I were just sleeping in. We put our trust to Ms. Lhenny who btw was an excellent driver!

Finally Raymar was not the one driving. Makakatulog rin raw siya sa byahe. Feel na feel niya matulog.

Bloated faces!
Morning Beaching!
This is one hell of a butanding!
Bes, smile naman!

You really have to wake up early to watch the Butanding feeding. The time is from 8AM to 12Noon only therefore do not miss it! Everything from googles, life jacket, renting go pros were available in the vicinity so do not worry if you left something at your hotel.

The bangkeros will gladly take your photo or video and they will guide you too. Our bangkero was cracking jokes every time so it was not boring at all. BTW, you only have 30 minutes to swim with the butanding so make it count.

Lucky 7 with the bangkero.
Sumilon Island Hoping!

Since we went early and finished our whale watching early, we headed straight to Sumilon Island and we weren’t crowded on the boat as well. Sumilon Island was few minutes away from the whale watching area and if you want that famous sandbar photo – this is the island to be in however since we went there on a morning, we weren’t able to see the sandbar because it was high tide. No biggie though because the sight was crazy beautiful! I extremely enjoyed the boat ride. Hihi! This was all part of our package btw. We only have to follow our tour guide so I can’t share how much would this cost separately.



Raymar did a few minutes of snorkeling and we left the island. We headed next to Brgy. Badian for our Canyoneering! Badian was an hour or two away.

We arrived in MCM Canyoneering Services and we were served with lunch immediately, the lunch was part of the tour as well. The food was yummy as it was homemade.

Now here are my tips for you readers who plans to do this extreme activity in the future:

  1. Wear your own pair of rubber shoes – Yes, your own rubber shoes. Not aqua shoes, sandals, closed shoes, flats. NO NO NO! Rubber shoes bes! Maniwala ka saakin! There’s a ton of walking, hiking, sliding, climbing – lahat na! and I’m not kidding. Wear the most comfortable rubber shoes you have. I saw a guy who wore a sandugo sandals and his toes were extremely bruised.
  2. Avoid wearing shorts – Bes, madadapa ka, matutusok, magagasgasan, matatalisod and all and you do not want your smooth silky legs to get bruised because walang sasaklolo sayo agad agad dahil bababa o aakyat pa sila ng bundok kaya bes, prevention is the key. I personally slipped on a muddy rocks and got bruised knees even when I was wearing leggings already.
  3. Wear long sleeves rash guard – Bes, katulad na rin ng pag-iingat mo sa legs mo wag mong kalimutan ang arms mo. I personally used my arms and bum a lot since there were steep stone formation and I can’t just trust my legs to reach for the next steps (oo, ako na maliit) so most of the time I sit, use my arms to hold onto something and reach for the next steps. Bes, alam kong ang titas-of-manila pero since wala naman akong experience sa hiking better ng ganun kaysa dun pa ako ma-injure. Jusko dhay! I used my hands a lot too. I had a little bruised on my palms so if you are extra sensitive you may wear hand gloves too.
  4. Trust your guide – the guides on the trail are the locals of the baranggay and they are also given training by the local government so Bes, do not doubt, just trust in him. Charrot! As you know I’m not extremely lampa but I’m being extra careful so the guide always make-alalay of me and Raymar most specially it was slippery. Kaya Darla! Trust your guide! Hahaha! Listen to the guide most specially before jumping because they will point the best spot to land to avoid injuries. Tell your guide as well if you have any concerns so they can adjust the pace.
  5. Bring a dry bag – this is very important because you need to bring your phones, money and other valuables unless you have your own car or you trust your tour guide and leave it to them. For us, Raymar bought a dry bag and we brought all our essentials with us. Our canyoneering guide was the one who carried it throughout the adventure naman.
  6. ENJOY! – the whole adventure can last from 4 to 5 hours until 6 hours for bigger groups but it will all depend on your pace. I personally enjoyed e-ve-ry-theeng, the nature, the view, rock formation, falls, the jump, the cold water – Bes, it’s not everyday that you get to see these sites, enjoy, slow down and take a breather! Hindi naman paunahan yan edi sana nag amazing race dyan. Do not be intimidated if you can’t jump, hindi naman yan required parang katulad ng quiz ng terror mong prof kaya enjoy lang kung hindi kaya edi sa gilid ka dumaan.

We rode a motorcycle for 10 to 15 mins to arrive here.

This view! I’m sorry the photo can’t give justice.

After the registration, warm up hike na ito! Sementado naman kaya keri pero ito na ang cardio bes preparation para sa laban!

CAN 11
Thumbs up ah! Akala niyo ba madali!

After the 15 mins cardio, bababa naman ng bundok. It was a crazy steep trail so kahit pababa nakakapagod at nakakakaba. Ito kami sa starting point ng river. Naka thumbs pa kami pero deep inside – ayawan na! Haha!

There is a limit of 150 visitors per day so make sure you book ahead.



Hilahin mo ako bes nalulunod ako!


Oh Pak Ganern!


Kuya Peter, our canyoneering guide.

Bes, tawang tawa si Kuya Peter saakin kasi tumitili talaga ako sa mga pagtalon ko kasi nakakaexcite kaya at tsaka inaalalayan niya ako kasi natatawa rin ako sa paghihike eh. Ang hirap kasi nung iba! Jusmiyo!

Kawasan Falls.
Aba may solo si dodong!

After all the hiking, jumping, sliding and haggling to your guide to not jump, you will come to end of the trail – the Kawasan Falls. Trust me when I tell you that the falls massage will take away all the body ache, stomach ache and heart ache away! The falls was rushing down and there’s no stopping her, she took all my pagod away! Panalo! Do not miss the rafting! It was also part of our tour so I do not know how much will that cost you. I’m sorry 😦

The view leaving the falls behind. Ang ganda grabe!
May solo ulit si dodong!
Kami na nagbayad, kami pa pinahirapan!
Finish your canyoneering adventure with fresh but cold coconut juice.

I highly recommend MCM Canyoneering Services to everyone who will do this adventure. I believe they are an affiliate of our tours but nonetheless you can walk in their office and do the activity. They provided us with lunch and dinner all home made and yummy! They have a room to where we can take a bath, change clothes and rest. The owners were super accommodating as well.


Kasama yung paa bakit?! Haha!

We left Badian at roughly 6:30 PM and arrived back to the hotel at 10PM. We were both knocked out but to our surprise, our room’s air conditioner wasn’t working so we had to move from 9th flr to 32nd flr. Yung pagod na pagod na ako tapos lilipat pa kami. Grabe inis na inis ako but when we got to the room, we were welcomed with Cebu’s nighttime view so keber na sa paglipat. Haha! Wala kasing view sa 9th floor and ang liit ng window so yes, I dig skyscraper views!

June 24-25, 2017: Last Day, Free Day, Uwi Day!

We got up kind of late because we were totally wasted from the canyoneering activity and our first agenda was to go back to Tabo-an Public Market because we’re buying more pasalubong. We went there without taking a bath because we know that the smell will stink our clothes anyway so there’s no point. May laway laway pa kami sa mukha. Charrot! We took a grab from hotel to the public market and to go back. It was convenient to have Grab available in Cebu because I don’t have to worry on having to haggle to the taxi drivers as we do not know the fare.

Since we were not able to explore the Fort San Pedro on our first tour day we went back and made sure we see what is inside.


Nothing much. Its a nice place to take photos but aside from that I don’t think the 30 pesos entrance per person was worth it.

After Fort San Pedro, we head on to SM Seaside Cebu for lunch. It is a massive mall, I do not know how will one person be able to navigate through without getting lost as it is crazy big. Not all areas were opened yet but soon enough it will and I’m hoping I can go back to tour around. Mehehe.

I ate at Dimsum Express as I have seen it all around Metro Cebu so I definitely want to try while Raymar ordered from a korean resto. I recommend Dimsum Express, it is affordable and really yummy. Their siomai was pure pork and shrimp unlike those food cart siomai we’re familiar with in Manila. The rice was also brown rice so healthy healthy lang. If you have a chance, make sure to try them out.


We have no concrete plans on what we want to do for our last day. Raymar wanted to try the firing range at our hotel plus we can do the Skywalk too however we’re both contemplating if it will be worth it. The Skywalk + Coaster Ride was 750/head and that’s  about 15 minutes in total – I kind of feel that it wasn’t worthy. So, Raymar, being wanting to fire a gun and shoot people, kidding!, tagged me to play at the arcade inside SM and near where we ate lunch. And lo and behold, we finished all stages of Jurassic Park and Raymar obviously finished with a high score. This was not wanting to spend more money but we couldn’t resist! Bes, ang mahal ng arcade dito pero grabe, nakaka-addict! Haha! Like ko talaga ang baril-barilan sa arcade so makikita niyo kami ni Raymar dyan! Haha!

And since, we were really exhausted, we head back to the hotel to catch more sleep and watch movies from the cable TV. It was also the time for us to pack our bags as we have loads of things to pack. Talk about pasalubong and other crazy shenanigans.

We freshen up and took dinner at the near pizza place called Da Vinci’s Pizza at about 6PM. We ordered two pizza, talk about being hungry, and one bucket of mojos. It was an interesting  pizza, I can say that it kind of matches to Greenwich but more homemade-ish. It was affordable and yummy. Recommending to try if you have no where else to eat and doesn’t want to eat at the more popular fast food chains.

Our flight back to Manila was at 1:40 AM of June 25, medyo alanganin, we plan to leave the hotel at 11PM but we’re worried on sleeping in and missing the flight so at around 9PM we decided to check out and head to the airport. It was easy booking a grab to the airport. THE CONVENIENCE OF GRAB! So please LTFRB, wag kayong ano!

Anyway, apart from worrying if we will miss our flight, we were also worried about our luggage because even though we bought an additional 15 kg allowance, we were over of around 5 kg and that was scary because I do not want to pay additional. Luckily, the ladies at the CebPac check in counter shrug it off and voila, we didn’t pay any additional for our overweight baggages. Hahaha! Dami kasing pasalubong mga bes!

During the whole flight, we were probably asleep. Haha. Raymar was deads. Tulog mantika.


Thanks for the staying until the end of the blog.

If you are curious on how much I spent on the trip, here’s a quick breakdown. This is just for my own expense. Raymar definitely spent more. Mehehe. He had way more pasalubong than I had. 🙂

Flight for Raymar and I (MNL-CEB-MNL)         2,500.00
Accommodation                      –
Tour Package. This is for one. For us two we paid 16k+. It is quite expensive as it was an exclusive tour for only two person. You can score cheaper tour package for groups more than 5 pax.         8,188.00
Grab Expenses            499.00
Food         2,230.00
Pasalubong         2,050.00
Tips (Optional)            800.00
Miscellaneous            910.00
Total      17,177.00

You can definitely trim this down, we were just able to spend on other things because our accommodation was free. You can score cheaper tour package, cut down food expense, even the pasalubong, even the tips – you may opt to not give tips but we had a great time because of them so they deserve it naman, and of course cut down the miscellaneous cost. For tipid trips, I think a budget of 10,000, excluding the flight, can survive in Cebu lalo na if marami kayo so you can break down food cost pa. Share-share bes wag madamot! Haha!

Here’s a little treat for you guys for staying until the end:




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